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How can i create a file and send it via email using JS Code activity when you don't have permissions to attach a file in an email from the server


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Hi Everyone,

I have a use case where I need some help-


I want to know all the deliveries which are deployed on a given day and send it to myself in an email as a file attachment.

All the deliveries deployed can be found using a query and a temp schema with all required fields can be prepared. But how can i transfer the content of the temp schema into a csv file and then send as an email attachment. Is it possible?


I can write a JS Code to get all the information of deployed deliveries if from there we can do something for this use case.

Please let me know if you have any solutions.

Thank You!



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Hello @akashaj7696 


Since you don't have permission to attach a CSV file. Why don't you print the data in the email body itself?


Query the data with javascript and then store the data in a variable and then do a for each loop in the email body and print the data.



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Hi Manoj, Thanks, but could you please elaborate the solution?