Extend App Tracking Logs to include custom fields for Push Notification





I'm working on Mobile Push Notification in ACC SDK 5 (AEP) and using Launch to configure.


I have a scenario where I have to store additional custom fields in the trackingLogAppSubRcp by extending it, upon a push notification open/click.

The extension and field addition part is straightforward within Campaign, but I'm not able to figure out how to configure the tracking server to read these 2 fields and any configuration to be done in the Launch for the same. Is there a list of steps to configure this setup?


Also what additional code should be added within the API call in the mobile app? I found the calls made normally are documented here: https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/using-mobile-extensions/adobe-campaignclassic/adobe-campaignclassic...


Any help/pointing in the right direction is appreciated!


Mobile push messaging sdk5 tracking trackingLogAppSubRcp

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Accepted Solutions (1)






AFAIK you can't extend tracking log functionality. Not with the ootb processes at least.

Registration calls can be extended with additionalParams, tracking calls are only message id and delivery id.




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