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Hello All -

I am wondering if your team(s) client use and develop campaigns in a Stage Environment before Migrating (Plan, Program, Campaign, Workflows, Deliveries, Delivery Templates, Folders, etc.) to production? We have been doing some setup in Stage but can not do a full setup/test of our campaigns and email deliveries in our Stage environment causing work to be delayed in Production or reworked was migrated to Production.

Would love to hear feedback how other technology teams and clients are using this for their Brand they are communicating for and what best practices you found around one environment vs. a Stage/Prod environment in which Package migration isn't the easiest to dial down. There is associated risk with only working in a production environment but I am still curious to see how the landscape outside of us is using this.



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Accepted Solutions (1)





I've seen a mix. You always want at least 1 non-prod environment, but depending on the sophistication of the users and the tech staff this is not always possible.



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