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DKIM signature problem with Mail Office365


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I currently have Adobe Campaign Classic on premise application configured with DKIM signing active. Emails sent to Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are signed correctly. However, emails sent to Microsoft Office mail are not signed correctly.


From what I have been able to see there is an issue with DKIM signed emails to Office 365 emails but I don't know if anything can be done in the Adobe Campaign settings to fix it, I am not very knowledgeable about Adobe Campaign Classic and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much!!!

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Hi @RobertoCervantes 


I found a similar thread on campaign classic which i guess might be helpful to you. Please have a look. Also you can find this resource on how to setup DKIM





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Thanks @AkshayAnand , I think I have the DKIM configuration working correctly, in fact, the emails that are sent to other emails that are not Office 365 are signed and validated correctly. My problem are the emails that are sent to Office 365 that are not validated correctly and I do not know if it is possible to make a fix to solve it


Thank you.


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Hi @RobertoCervantes ,


Can you Please let me know what issue you have seen with DKIM signed emails to Office 365 emails for few of them , have you tried debugging from the Delivery Logs?





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Hello @RobertoCervantes ,

it looks like you have not turned on the dkim signing for these domains. This is the default settings


Shortly you need to check all checkboxes in columns DKIM and DOMAIN KEYS under

Administration > Campaign management > Non deliverables Management > Mail rules sets -> Domain management 

Take a look on my humble DKIM implementation guide

Let me know if that helped




Hi @RobertoCervantes,

Was the given solution by @Marcel_Szimonisz helpful to resolve your query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa