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choice of db engine


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Hello there,

I don't think many people know the answer to this question. 

I am having some issue with postgresql repository database(aurora rds postgresql)

seems like the root cause of the problem is that IO performance is not fast enough.

as the nature of AWS aurora postgresql is that IOPS will be limited by network bandwidth.

and it's currently 12 Gbit/s. 

So my company is considering to switch the database to the ORACLE on premise. 

I'm expecting to get hugh performance benefit from ORACLE engine and modern NVME disks.

So I was wondering anyone has similar experience and would like to get an opinion about that.(like migration effort, performance benefit)


Any advice would be appreciated.

regards, sean

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Hello @sean_kim 


Are you sure the root cause of the problem is I/Os? As far as I know, All the hosted instances of AC use RDS and they work fine.


If you are looking at performance only then have you considered moving to v8?



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