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Calling Survey Variables in HTML ACC


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Hello everyone
I want to integrate html into a survey and make it dynamic in Adobe Campaign Classic.
The problem I am experiencing is that I want to call the survey variables in the input field as shown in the image below.
I need suggestions on the correct syntax to use.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @Wiznamo ,

all the variables defined in the variables tab are under the 



Take a look at the out of the box page Sharing form:




When you turn on Debug mode you will see the following:


<ctx lang="en" activityHist="@1vHiKVvCNTxiU+K53+Ilqhq5tHUuezMS1lnDAkKV3NFcsjG2Sy2cUmy/9/5OJgtKrlm1hyLP9F1NR846H/1I0=" _folderModel="nmsVisitor" webApp-id="1755" _target="web" date="2022-04-16T16:27:00Z" origin="neolane" score="0">
  <userInfo timezone="Europe/Zurich" theme="" orgUnitId="0" noConsoleCnx="true" loginId="1596" loginCS="Web applications agent (webapp)" login="webapp" locale="en-GB" instanceLocale="en-GB" homeDir="" datakitInDatabase="true">
    <login-right right="webapp" />
    <activity type="page" name="page" />
    <_input10 id="@8YdFfnOU1jAVoyc4PjsymSQb0i5PawT6rAxcViEr1YGOjNfPiUva_fmLnOnCZW7T" />

Similar to vars. and instance.vars. in workflows web app use ctx.xxx


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