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Callback using JSSP


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Hi Team,


We have integrated a custom communication channel in Adobe Campaign Classic V8, the vendor is looking for a call back url to share the delivery status back to Campaign, can anyone help on how to implement call back in Adobe Campaign Classic? Thanks much in advance.



Shine v.v


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Hello @ShineVv0823 


I am assuming you are working with SMS/WA integration and want to store the delivery status in AC.


You can create a JSSP which will accept the query parameters like boardlogId and status

the URL would look like this https://YOUR_INSATNCE_URL/cus/page.jssp?id=DYNAMIC_BOARDLOG_ID&status=DELIVERY


In your jssp page you can retrieve this value and update the status with xtk.session write method


How to retrieve broadlogId and status 

var boardlog_id= request.getParameter('id'); 
var status= request.getParameter('status'); 



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Hi @ShineVv0823,

Was the given solution helpful to resolve your query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa


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Hi @Manoj_Kumar_ , @Sukrity_Wadhwa ,


Thanks for the help,


We are working it out. we are getting the below error when trying to load and update Rcp delivery logs. Though the delivery log id (17819000) exists. Could you please help debug the issue. Thanks in advance.


var deliveryLogs = NLWS.nmsBroadLogRcp.load(record.$id);


Error : 

WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT   B0.iBroadLogId, B0.sAddress, GetEmailDomain(B0.sAddress), B0.iStatus, B0.iFlags, IsBitSet(B0.iFlags , 1), case when IsBitSet(B0.iFlags , 2) = 2 then 1 else 0 end, case when IsBitSet(B0.iFlags , 4) = 4 then 1 else 0 end, case when IsBitSet(B0.iFlags ,  = 8 then 1 else 0 end, B0.iMsgId, B0.tsEvent, B0.tsLastModified, B0.iDeliveryId, B0.iRecipientId, B0.iServiceId, B0.sSmsExternalId, B0.sWapExternalId, B1.sMd5, COALESCE(D2.sLabel, '') || E' (' || COALESCE(D2.sInternalName, '') || E')', W3.iWebEventId, COALESCE(R4.sLastName, '') || E' ' || COALESCE(R4.sFirstName, '') || E' (' || COALESCE(R4.sEmail, '') || E')', COALESCE(S5.sLabel, '') || E' (' || COALESCE(S5.sName, '') || E')', COALESCE(S7.sLabel, '') || E' / ' || COALESCE(R8.sLastName, '') || E' ' || COALESCE(R8.sFirstName, '') || E' (' || COALESCE(R8.sEmail, '') || E')' FROM NmsBroadLogRcp B0 JOIN NmsBroadLogMsg B1 ON (B1.iBroadLogMsgId = B0.iMsgId) JOIN NmsDelivery D2 ON (D2.iDeliveryId = B0.iDeliveryId) JOIN NmsWebEvent W3 ON (W3.iBroadLogRemktId = B0.iBroadLogId) JOIN NmsRecipient R4 ON (R4.iRecipientId = B0.iRecipientId) JOIN NmsService S5 ON (S5.iServiceId = B0.iServiceId) JOIN NmsSubscription S6 ON (S6.iRecipientId = B0.iRecipientId AND S6.iServiceId = B0.iServiceId) JOIN NmsService S7 ON (S7.iServiceId = S6.iServiceId) JOIN NmsRecipient R8 ON (R8.iRecipientId = S6.iRecipientId) WHERE (B0.iBroadLogId = :#(1)#)' could not be executed.
WDB-200011 The requested database record does not exist.
Unable to load document of type 'Recipient delivery logs (nms:broadLogRcp)' because link 'triggeringWebEvent' with condition '[@broadLogRemkt-id] = 17819000' not found in the database.
Unable to load document of type 'Recipient delivery logs (nms:broadLogRcp)' because link 'subscription' with condition '[@recipient-id] = 951370 AND [@service-id] = 0' not found in the database.


Shine v.v