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Building a Message Centre



Hi Experts


We are seeking technical advice to approach a new type of messaging we need to send. We are building a message center on our company's website, where members will have an "inbox" of messages they have received. Some of these messages will be duplicates of emails or text messages they have received from our campaigns, but others will NOT - they will be messages to members that have not received a message from us in any other way.


If possible, we would like to use the built-in message "open tracking" functionality that we currently use to know when a member has opened an email from us. We want the website to report to Campaign Manager about when each message was opened. These messages will not be emails, though. We will have to send a text file containing the messages to our website. We expect the format of each message will be HTML. So we can embed an image to track the open, but it appears to us that tracking is not automatically enabled for deliveries that are sent via a text file.


Is there a way for us to enable automatic open tracking for a message of this type? Is there an API or other method to record the message open in the tracking logs to be picked up by the tracking workflow?


We looked at web tracking, but these messages will go to some people who have never received an email from us before, have never clicked on a tracked URL in an email from us, and thus won't have a session cookie from the tracking. So we think that solution won't work.




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