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Assign more than one coupon to a recipient


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Hi Team, 


I would like to know if there is a way of assigning more than one coupon code to a recipient. I will provide an example of the scenario.



I have an event which has a 20% off coupon and the campaign requirement is to have two coupons, one for the recipient and another for a friend. I would like to put two different coupon codes in the delivery and send it to one recipient. In return the recipient can use their 20% off and share the other with a friend if they wanted to.


Any support on this would be appreciated.

Application: Adobe campaign classic v7

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Hi @NayanMistry ,


It would be helpful if you could please share how you have achieved this? I need to implement something similar.

Thank you!


Level 3

Hi @Poonam_Dogra ,


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I havent yet achieved the desired result however I am thinking on this basis, just a hunch but I think this may work.


Select a population then apply a fork at the end and plug in 2 deliveries each of these deliveries will be a data  extraction file with 2 different coupon baskets assigned under coupon management


generate a data extraction with the customer data and then enable generate outbound transition this will output from both deliveries the assigned coupon code and then customer


Union them both now you have the following data "CustomerID" "Coupon 1" "Coupon Name" "Coupon 2" "Coupon Name" 


Use this data as target data and feed it into your email delivery, you can have both present as part of the campaign. (just remember in the last delivery you do not have to assign a coupon basket as 2 have already been assigned as part of data extraction) I have attached a short example workflow screenshot.


Hope it helps  workflow example.png