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Hello Community,

In this scenario we are trying to pull data from adobe cloud and save it in AWS S3 bucket as a pipe delimited file.

  • In the current situation the Scheduler is just grabbing everything from the DataBase and storing it in the S3 bucket...
  • Every-time it run's, The data transfer has to start from where it has left out and grab from that date onwards.
  • Should the Incremental query has to be linked to a Scheduler in order to define the execution frequency of the workflow, and therefore the query ?
  • How can we do it in a workflow ? 
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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nitin,


You should use scheduler available within the incremental query activity.

If this is not possible for some reasons then you can use scheduler +JS to keep track of the last execution date and a standard query activity to use that execution date from JS in a workflow.




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Answers (1)



Hey Nitin,

let me reiterate the problem.

1. let's say customer wants to extract the data from 1st Jan to till now [18th Jan] and first time workflow was ran on 14th hence the data till 14th was exported.

2. Next time workflow ran on 15th so rather than sending out the data from 1-15 Jan, you want to export the data post 14 Jan[ last execution] but before 15 Jan, right?


create a option with name last run


once this is created put a scheduler and write a js code to read the option.


1.schedule to trigger the workflow everyday.

2. JS code- read option and store last run date and also getCurrentdate() on two separate event variable.

3.pass the last run date in query activity like : last modified data on or after $datetime(vars/@lastRepDate)

4. Once done then update the option using code: setOption(vars.optionName, vars.nextRepDate); // added on end activity advanced tab.