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We have a requirement where we need to add headers to the delivery.
Can you please let us know how to add the headers to the delivery( more specifically for continuous deliveries )
For example, we have database fields called:
1. source
2. delivery id
3. respondent id
We need to add these fields to the header of email. Can you please let us know the technical procedure.

One more question -
We need to add the headers information to the delivery templates which are already in use (i.e., delivery templates which have already been using by some campaigns through scheduler and continuous deliveries). Is there any option that we can add the headers to the templates which are already in use.


Addition Information

As per the issue we have around 800 templates, so we are trying to find a solution where we can embed the attached fields in the email header.

Headers to be add to all the email deliveries
name content
x-mail_job_id <#MailJob[MailjobId]>
X-Shipjob N<#MailJob[MailjobId]>
X-subpanel_id <#SubPanelVersion[ID]>
X-PID <#DubKnowledge[1500/Entity id]>
X-panelmember T
X-DubProjectID <#Project[DubProjectID]>
X-ProjectID <#Project[ProjectID]>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)






To add to Manoj's response, to update the header pseudo-field in 800 templates:

  1. 'Export in a package' the templates to an xml file
  2. Open the file in vs code or notepad++
  3. Find/replace-all the header field with desired content
  4. 'Tools > Advanced > Import package' the file




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Answers (1)




Hello Nitin,


You can additional headers in the delivery template >> properties > SMTP tab > Additional SMTP Headers.