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I want to know about active profiles in the adobe campaign.

The adobe document says  'Active profiles are the profiles that are counted for billing purposes. “ Profile ” means a record of information (e.g.: a record in the nmsRecipient table or an external table containing a cookie ID, Customer ID, mobile identifier or other information relevant to a particular channel) representing an end-customer, prospect, or lead.'

We have target mapping created for SMS which does not store any data in the recipient table. My question is 'If we are not storing  anything in recipient schema, will that be considered as active profile'  




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @vkt1989 I followed this up a while ago with Adobe support and found there is a workflow that can tell you how many active profiles are present in the system. Look for workflow billingActiveContactCount. If you run this and check the audit logs it will show you the current active profile count.

The count takes into account the links between the log schema and the target schema and if there is no match to a recipient (ie anonymous) then it uses the address field in the log schema to determine the active profile count. So it does look like it counts non-recipient addresses that you send to.

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