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Email expiration date - reducing the carbon footprint of the email marketing industry


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A project has been raised by BadSender company about setting email expiration date.

see https://www.zerocarbon.email/argumentation/ to get more details.


We want to be able to set an expiration date in our marketing emails if this project succeds.

As we are using Adobe Campaign, we expect Adobe Campaign to integrate this functionality in a future version.


Best regards,





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Thanks for sharing Antoine!


To tell you a bit more about the project, we want to allow brands to define a date after which their emails become obsolete. This is so that mailbox providers can offer tools to their users to delete them.


This could prevent billions of emails per year from being stored unnecessarily and indefinitely.


To achieve this result, we have submitted a request to the IETF to modify the email protocol (SMTP) to introduce this expiration date.


The next step is that ESPs take into account this new parameter when programming email campaigns and that mailbox providers offer automated cleaning tools.


Please encourage Adobe to support the project and ask them to implement the expiration dates.


Thanks for your votes.


Jonathan Loriaux