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Apache Kafka connector


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It's easy to create some libraries to communicate outside Adobe Campaign with the simplicity of Javascript and the HTTPClientRequest class, but as Kafka is not based on HTTP protocol, it's not possible to consume or produce over topics in Campaign. Apache Kafka needs specific libraries (Java, Python, NodeJS) to be used. It would be great to have a specific API into the Campaign javascript environment.

I'm sure that question is not new and the R&D team thought about it, and it's won't be technicaly easy, but this question is comming for several of my customers so I'm suggesting here.



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@CedricRey- interesting that you post this as we are looking at using Kafka to manage some enterprise-wide configuration changes.

Campaign Classic already uses Kafka for its Triggers / Pipelined implementation so you would expect it shouldn't be too difficult to expose those APIs internally for general Kafka use.