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ACC 'File Resources' revamp


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Description - File resources currently has limitations and issues around trying to re-upload files with updated code, annoyingly enough, the only way around is to change the file name and re-upload a new file which fills up file resources folder with a lot of junk. Furthermore, while deleting the file from the file resources folders gives the impression of file deletion, this is not the case, it still lives in the server, even after I run a shell file deletion script which literally removes the file from the server, the file still is accessible from online, as if it was cached by cloudfront perhaps?

How would you like the feature to work -

  • Enhance the file resources form provide an actual file manager which allows advance file handling and search functionality.
  • Upon uploading new file, allow file replace so that users don't end up uploading dozens of variants of the same file which fills up file resources folder. (particularly annoying while working with css and js file, where changes are done frequently and require alot of code refresh)
  • Allow acc to call cloudfront, or whatever caching module is being used as to force expiry of cached assets to allow us to test in real time uploaded files.
  • Allow file upload whitelisting control filters from file resources, currently this is configured from within serverfile, perhaps creating an admin control zone that allows these filters to be controlled from within the client will be easier to manage.

    Current Behaviour - lacking features, bugs, limitations