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Ability to handle OOTB, attachments as external ressources.


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Today we can send attachments to recipients using standard ACC functionality:

Attaching files | Adobe Campaign

Having an OOTB functionality that would upload automatically files configured as attachments to a public ressource and create automatically the links(ex: https://<%= external.attachment[0] %> to access them would be a great feature


This OOTB functionality is important at different level:

1- sending attachments in emails is tricky for deliverability purpose: depending of the attachment size, the nature of the attachment, the ISP of the recipient, the amount of emails... It can badly affect your different ISP reputation.
2- it affects your throughput as more an email is heavy, more the MTA takes time to process it... If you add the point 1, it can slow down your entire platform sendings during hours (retry feature)

3- the ecological footprint created when downloading a file through HTTP is smaller than sending this file through SMTP (email). For companies that actually calculate their footprint, it could be a great functionnality... Apple already automatically had this kind of functionality: recipients are asked to download the file

I would like the functionality work this way:

in the same menu as attachment we would turn on the functionality and be able to parameter for each "attachment" the security level:
1- normal: link appears without specific token
2- securized: a token in the generated link is automatically added based on broadlogId & deliveryId in order to avoid someone else to access it. the link wouldn't be displayed on the mirror page and the purge delay of the ressource deleted after 3 days


The files on public ressources would be automatically deleted after delivery public ressources purge delay is over


Actually we can develop a such type of functionnality and implement it on customer site but it shouldn't be the case for something that has been recommended for years by Neolane / Adobe