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what is the difference between trait unique and base trait unique


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what is the difference between trait unique and base trait unique?

I searched forums as well as Adobe help docs and found that definitions to be misleading/unclear.

I am using the overlap report (tarit to trait). There is a column for Base Trait Unique which is self explanatory and there is also a Trait Unique. I am hoping someone can tell me if this # is the total unique population for both traits or just the traits it's being compared to?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I can explain it with an example.

Let us say you are able to see 10 traits on the left panel in the Trait to Trait overlap report, and you selected date as last week's date and selected 7 day range.

Now, if you select a base trait (123) from the left panel, that means you will be able to see trait to trait overlap report for all traits against this base trait.

Now if for the first trait in the list for example : trait id : 456, you see Overlap % : 20%,  Base Trait Uniques : 3.4 Million, Overlapping Trait Uniques : 1.4 Million

This means 7 day uniques of Overlapping trait is 1.4 Million, and the 7 day uniques of Base Trait is 3.4 Million. You can also see these numbers if you see only General Trait report or Trait graph for these trait IDs.

Now, the 20% overlap means that base trait's 20% 7-day unique population can be found in overlapping trait's 7-day unique population. So if we calculate the 20% of 3.4 million it would be : 680k. So 680k Device IDs in the overlapping trait id: 456, are also present in base trait : 123. You will then see overlap uniques as 680k.


Varun Kalra