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Sessions for DMP practitioners in Adobe Summit


Level 10

Are you a DMP practitioner, looking to Upscale your work? Know how to gain insights through data, leverage Adobe Sensei technologies and manage user identities. Get hands-on and learn the best practices of a DMP.

Here’s a list of sessions to attend by DMP practitioners at Summit!

Tuesday, March 27

S138    Audience Manager at the NFL: Commitment to excellence

Realizing value from a data management platform (DMP) while obtaining early wins requires a powerful quarterback. Too often, lack of leadership of a DMP practice leads to poor data management and lost opportunities for early victories for multiple marketing teams across the organization. In this session, meet the quarterback for the DMP practice at the NFL, Aaron Jones, as he shares his insights on building successful campaigns leveraging Adobe’s DMP, Adobe Audience Manager.

This case study showcases:

  • A powerful personalization practice powered by Audience Manager and Adobe Target technology
  • Strategies for early wins with key features such as lookalike modeling and Device Co-op
  • The impact of getting it right and the efficiencies gained early in the process by creating focus on key use cases

Time 1 pm – 2 pm

S126    Stories Over Spreadsheets: Become a power user of Audience Manager Insights

  A main component of any marketing or advertising campaign is understanding the audience that is being targeted and optimizing the experience moving forward. Learn how to unlock the your audience footprint with the cutting edge reporting features of Adobe’s DMP, Audience Manager. Leverage Audience Optimization analysis for advertisers and publishers to gain deeper insights into the audiences you’re targeting and how the audiences you didn’t actively target contributed to performance.

In this technical session you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Audience Optimization reports for advertisers and publishers
  • Optimize your audience strategy in your media campaign
  • Enhance your overall segmentation strategy
  • Deepen your understanding of your audience
  • Gain insights into which campaign performance by audience

Time - 4pm – 5pm

S131    Too hot for main stage: Data science and the DMP

Brands have been collecting audience data for decades. Over time, the data sources and data types have grown and multiplied, making it more and more challenging for marketers to derive audience insights and manage audience creation at scale. Leveraging features based on data science within Adobe’s DMP, Audience Manager, can help marketers understand audiences and create new audiences with ease. Get a deep overview of Audience Manager algorithmic modeling capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei and highlights of exciting upcoming data science features.

In this technical session, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits and use cases of algorithmic modeling for audience creation and insights
  • How to build algorithmic models within Audience Manager
  • Best practices for audience segmentation using models
  • Highlights of upcoming data science initiatives, making the DMP more proactive

L761    Bridge the device divide. Save your campaign with Adobe Audience Manager (Technical Lab)

Stop worrying about how device fragmentation impacts your campaigns and its conversion feedback loop. Adobe Audience Manager launches realtime cross device un-segmentation. Learn how to engage consumers as they move among screens and devices without overspending impressions. It’s time to make your audience and pockets happy!

Key takeaways:

  • Get introduced to Audience Manager segmentation and activation
  • Understand your audience data
  • See Audience Manager realtime segmentation in action

This lab is for a beginner audience.

L758 - Lights, logs, action! Boost ad efficiency with Audience Manager log files (Technical Lab)

Spend less time worrying about sending data towards Adobe Audience Manager and more on improving your campaign's efficiency. Learn more about a newly added capability, called Actionable Log Files, which eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of pixeling advertising creative. See how this feature makes your advertising logs actionable by automatically pulling media data from ad servers, such as DCM, to enrich the profiles of your audience.

It's time to get creative with your campaigns to discover new insights about your visitors. Shift your focus to delivering captivating experiences to the customers instead of figuring out how to correctly send data to Audience Manager.

In this session:

  • See how actionable logs can help your campaigns
  • Get in-depth knowledge about the ingestion process
  • Learn what type of data is processed by actionable log files

This session is for a mixed audience. Technical expertise is helpful, but not mandatory.

Wednesday, March 28

S130    Customizing your Audience Dashboard

You can build amazing custom dashboards in your data management platform with Adobe Analytics Cloud, but where do you start? Get tips and tricks straight from our experts on how to configure insightful visualizations in Analysis Workspace by leveraging your first-, second-, and third-party audiences from Adobe Audience Manager.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to share segments between Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics
  • Understand the most effective visualization for audience-based reporting
  • Effectively use second- and third-party data to enrich your understanding of your audience

Time - 8:30 am – 9:30 am

S135    DMP best practices: Pitfalls to avoid

Adobe’s DMP, Audience Manager, is the industry’s leading data management platform, driving audience intelligence and activation for enterprise organizations. Whether you’re using a DMP today or looking to invest in the future, explore the key considerations to ensure a successful DMP practice that drives ROI. Learn from experienced DMP practitioners on how to avoid common implementation and execution pitfalls. 

In this session:

  • Understand considerations for DMP success before investing
  • Explore common DMP pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Learn the impact of getting it right from the beginning  

Recommended prerequisites:

  • S127 DMP 101: Data Management Platform Basics
  • S129 Setting Up Your DMP Center of Excellence

Time - 2:30 pm –3:30pm

L757    Expand your reach with Audience Manager look-alike models (Technical Lab)

In this hands-on lab, get experience using Audience Manager look-alike modeling to expand audiences, maintain high target accuracy, and maximize return on marketing spend. We'll walk through best practice examples of building effective look-alike models with TraitWeight. Analyze results and dig into the effectiveness of the look-alike model.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn tips for building and optimizing your look-alike models
  • Understand model specifics and analyze results
  • Create algorithmic traits
  • Use Audience Manager look-alike modeling and Audience Marketplace to discover look-alike users from 2nd and 3rd party data sources
  • Use Audience Manager look-alike modeling and Audience Lab together to prove a model’s effectiveness

This session is for publishers and advertisers who want to maximize revenue while confidently selling and buying audiences with high accuracy.

Time – 8:30 am – 9:30 am

L759    People based marketing with Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Device Co-Op (Technical Lab)

Devices don't buy products—people do. In this hands-on lab, we focus on how to achieve a people-based marketing strategy in Adobe Audience Manager by leveraging the Adobe Device Co-Op. We take a deep dive into how device stitching is possible and cover various use cases and solutions, including targeting visitor-stitched audiences for on-site journeys and on-site content and offer customization in a broad context.

Learn how to:

  • Activate linked audience data across devices
  • Reach out to your prospects even on devices that you haven't seen on your properties
  • Develop consistent experiences based on information that a brand has about a person, not just the device they're using
  • Support privacy standards

This session is for digital marketers, digital analysts, and analytics developers with an intermediate technical level.

Time – 2:00 pm –3:30pm

Thursday, March 29

S133    Sprint's customer journey leveraging Audience Manager & Device Co-op

The proliferation of devices has made consumer identities fragmented across an enterprise. This reality has created massive challenges for marketers tasked to create a complete and connected customer journey across devices and authenticated states. Leveraging a DMP like Audience Manager and the Adobe Device Co-op, marketers are empowered to go beyond the cookie and build profiles that are truly stitched together - devices, attributes and all.

In this technical session, we'll cover:

  • Evolution of Identity management needs - managing identities seamlessly and making them available for cross-device segmentation and cross-device targeting
  • Discuss Sprints marketing use cases and how they were addressed by leveraging identity management with Audience Manager tools coupled with Adobe's Device Co-op
  • Pro tips on the recommended profile merge rules
  • Reviewing the organizational/technical setup of the experience cloud solutions at Sprint that facilitated achieving the Multi-Solution use cases

Time – 11:00 am–12:00 pm

S134    Enterprise strategy: Leverage DMPs to drive return on audience (RoA)

Your teams are using audience segments every day for personalization, optimization, and efficiency. But what is next for your company’s audience strategy? Connecting Adobe Experience Cloud audiences together can yield a huge payoff for you and your customers.

In this session, journey past the introductory data management platform (DMP) use cases and focus on advanced audience strategy. Learn how to assess your own audience management maturity.

Recommended pre-requisites:

  • (S127) DMP 101: Data Management Platform Basics
  • (S129) Setting Up Your DMP Center of Excellence
  • Key audience strategy milestones
  • Using the Adobe Experience Cloud to inform your audience strategy

Time – 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

S128    Adobe Audience Manager: Drinking our own champagne

Data Management Platform (DMP) use cases evolve as your use cases mature. However, keeping up with new features, such as Audience Lab, can be daunting. Take a journey with us as our own Adobe.com team shares their use cases and results of leveraging Adobe's DMP—Adobe Audience Manager—for the Adobe Creative Cloud business online. Our team of experts reviews how they structure Adobe Experience Cloud integrations and share key wins.

Join this session to explore:

  • Adobe’s use cases for the DMP
  • How integration with the Adobe Ad Cloud can lead to higher match rates
  • Key results as Adobe’s DMP practices mature

Time – 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

L760    Tear down that wall! Bring your audience and analytics data together (Technical Lab)

Get a new lens into your customers and their behaviors by bringing Adobe Audience Manager segments into Adobe Analytics. Combine acquired and owned data sets in Adobe Audience Manager with the user behavioral data and existing reporting in Adobe Analytics.
In this lab, we'll explore data-flow enablement and configuration options, from quick start to customizable setup. We'll also dive into how to get the most value of your audience data in Adobe Analytics Workspace.

Key takeaways:

  • Get introduced to audience analytics
  • Understand the data flow, and how to enable and control it
  • Learn how to use Adobe Audience Manager segments in Adobe Analytics Workspace

This session is for both technical beginners and technical experts

Time – 10:00 am – 11:30 am

L768    Implementing Adobe Audience Manager and ID sync using Adobe Launch (Technical Lab)

Walk through the steps to implement Adobe Audience Manager on website with the new server-side forwarding method, and learn how to collect Declared ID using Adobe Launch. Stitch your customer ID with the Adobe Audience Manager Unique User ID (UUID). Get examples of how to onboard customer data on a cross-device data source. Debug and check whether a customer ID is qualified for intended segments. Key takeaways:

  • Implement Adobe Audience Manager with Customer ID on a website
  • Understand the high-level flow of data onboarding, data collection, debugging Customer ID sync and Trait and Segment qualifications.

This lab is for an intermediate audience with a basic understanding of Adobe Audience Manager.

Time - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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