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New Features in AAM!


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Hello Community Users,

Adobe is excited to announce Actionable Log Files and Trait Rule Audit Logs—two updates to Adobe Audience Manager that were inspired by customer conversations about simplifying tagging processes and providing visibility into trait rule changes.

Actionable Log Files allow customers to capture media data from Google’s DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) without needing to pixel creative, streamlining the ability to ingest media impressions, clicks and conversions into Audience Manager. DCM log file data can be captured as rule based traits in Audience Manager, allowing customers to create traits that include DCM values for Advertiser, Business Unit, Platform, Creative and Campaign. Customers can use Actionable Log Files to frequency cap across creative, retarget users who were exposed to previous campaigns, or conduct other use cases that leverage media buying data as variables. Actionable Log Files eliminate the time consuming and error-prone process of pixeling advertising creative.

Trait Rule Audit Logs surface how a trait rule has evolved and changed over time. This feature helps customers quickly troubleshoot anomalies in trait realization or trait population volumes by presenting a history of revisions to trait rules. A table in the Audience Manager UI displays a limited log of changes; a CSV of trait rules history can be downloaded for a complete record of revisions, including user names, changes made and the dates of changes.

Customer impact

Actionable Log Files will be made available on September 13, 2017, and Trait Rule Audit Logs will be available on September 27, 2017. Please note, there will be a three-hour downtime period during the Trait Rule Audit Logs release—from 8pm to 11pm EST on September 27. The Audience Manager UI and API will be unavailable during these three hours. Data collection, inbound and outbound file processing, and trait and segment realization will not be impacted.

To enable Actionable Log Files, please submit a request to your Adobe Consultant or Customer Care contact to make DCM logs actionable. Once enabled, only logs moving forward will be made actionable—prior logs will not be reprocessed. There is an inherent delay in DCM log production, which may cause a delay in data availability. The Audience Manager team recommends implementing either Actionable Log Files or Pixel Calls, rather than utilizing both options. If you are capturing media data and using the Audience Optimization reports, we recommend only using Actionable Log Files.

Trait Rule Audit Logs will be available for all Audience Manager users without any additional resources required from Adobe’s Customer Care or Consulting services.

For additional documentation, visit the Audience Manager Product Documentation page for Actionable Log Files and Trait Rule Audit Logs at the time of release.

For questions or concerns, post them in the community or contact amsupport@adobe.com

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