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Manual ID Sync - All Users


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Hello, currently we have a data source that is configured as a cross device data source. We have many customers that have not visited us online yet. As a result if we onboard data into AAM, for an ID that has not previously done an ID sync, it will retained because the data source is a cross device data source.This is based on the AAM FAQ documentation for on-boarding data.

What we have witnessed is that the records do get retained and if the user the user does an ID sync call after the record has been uploaded, the dcts=2 api will start showing the segments the user qualifies for about 2 days later(bummer, would be nice if it was sooner). For now we have accepted this flaw.

We have witnessed for users who we ID sync'd first and then on-boarded data that qualification happens within 24 hrs.

What we want to do as a work around is the following;

1. Do an ID sync call for all of our users

2. Moving forward, any new users we will do an ID sync for

If we do this, then that means as we onboard data, the user will qualify for the segment sooner and reduce the 2 day period in-between to hopefully below 24 hrs after data has been on-boarded.

With all this said, what is everyones thoughts on this approach?

-Should Adobe be notified if we plan to do so many ID sync calls?

-Should we expect improved qualification time seeing we are doing the ID sync first?


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Hello!  As far as I am aware, you are welcome to sync as many of your IDs with Audience Manager as you like.  The only thing that we ask is that you adhere to our size requirement guidelines as per FTP Name and File Size Requirements for Inbound Data Files and Amazon S3 Name and File Size Requirements for Inbound Data Files​.​  Syncing your users ahead of time, if you have the ability to do so, will allow our system to more quickly qualify users when the files are uploaded.

For those users where the sync doesn't take place before the file upload, Audience Manager will realize the segment as soon as the sync takes place.  You might see a slight delay in when you are able to see the segments returned in the DCS API call because the segment is first realized and then sent to the various edge servers.  If you are consistently seeing a 2 day delay, and are concerned about that timeframe, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Care team via our email at amsupport@adobe.com so that we can investigate the situation further.


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Hey Ryhamilt, thanks for responding.

Do you have any feedback on any best practices on this approach we are thinking of taking? We will be doing the ID sync via the api because we do not have adobe id's for these users at all. The id sync api call will generate one for us in the same "shot".



Hi Jose,

I don't really have any specific best practices to share regarding syncing the IDs via the DCS API.  As a general rule, we encourage our customers to make sure that they are keeping in mind our ID Sync mapping limits, especially when making calls via the DCS api.  These limits are outlined at https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/aam/usage-limits.html​, and we have seen some instances where multiple UUIDs have been assigned to a given Customer ID.

What you hope to do is a valid use case, and should work as you are expecting.