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Audience Marketplace in AAM



Audience Marketplace is a medium where data providers and data buyers execute data deals in a self-service manner with minimum effort without any involvement of middlemen. This is done by the provision of specialized features that depends on the role as a data buyer or data seller. In addition to this, Audience Marketplace also takes care of contracts, billings along with payments between data providers and sellers. Audience Manager helps in activating Audience Marketplace for its clients.

In Audience Marketplace, there exists different user roles which control the actions. For example:

  • Administrators
  • Users


Below mentioned is the complete overview for data providers who want to sell data from within Audience Manager:

  • My Shared Data: About

My shared data is an Audience Marketplace feature for data providers (sellers). As a provider, it allows you to bundle traits into data feeds and sell them for a flat fee or CPM rate to buyers from within Audience Manager. When activated, buyers can subscribe to a feed with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, simple reporting tools that are present in the marketplace enable to track revenue and manage subscribers. Finally, with Audience Marketplace, Adobe takes care of invoice, billing, and fee payments. These features let  data sellers concentrate on building the effective and profitable data feeds that buyers want.

  • Create a Public or Private Data Feed

A data feed requires a name, description, data source, and a plan type. Feeds are disabled until you save and activate the feed. Public or private data feeds are set up in Audience Marketplace > My Shared Data and it is available to data sellers only.

  • Plan Types for Data Feeds

Plan types are essential components in an Audience Marketplace data feed. As a data provider, multiple use cases can be created and price options can be set accordingly for the feeds. Furthermore, it can be a good strategy to create a few plans for each data feed. This gives buyers different options to choose from when they're looking for data to model or send to a destination.

  • Review, Approve, or Reject Private Feed Requests

Provider workflows for managing private feed requests from buyers.

  • Deactivate a Subscriber's Data Feed

As an Audience Marketplace Data Provider, buyer access can be revoked to a subscribed Data Feed. The buyers can be removed as well from a feed for reasons such as late payment, non-payment of fees or improper usage of trait data.

  • Discounts for Data Providers

In Audience Marketplace, discounts reduce the published price of a data feed for individual subscribers. The discounts can be offered to subscribers who have submitted a subscription request or to subscribers who have requested details about a data feed. Discounts apply to CPM and flat rate feeds. Discounts can be helpful when you want to provide subscription incentives for new customers or to reward customer loyalty.

  • Understanding the Data Provider Billing Report

Audience Marketplace billing report can be generated to view data feed usage for the previous month for each of subscribers. A report can be created for the previous month at any time. However, the report is more accurate when it is generated on or after the 10th day of the current month.

Audience Marketplace for Data Buyers

Below mentioned is the complete overview for data buyers who want to purchase third - party data from within Audience Manager:

  • The Marketplace: About

The Marketplace is an Audience Marketplace feature for data buyers that lists data feeds which can be subscribed to. It lists flat rate, CPM, or private data feeds. These feeds are provided by third-party vendors that use Audience Manager to sell data. In the Marketplace, reporting tools allow to track feed usage and the overlap between traits and those in a subscribed data feed. Finally, with Audience Marketplace, Adobe takes care of invoices and fee payments (though usage must be self-reported when subscribed to a CPM feed). These features allow to find effective data sources without wasting time looking for a data provider.

  • Subscribe to a Public Data Feed

The Marketplace is where data buyers go to research and subscribe to public and private data feeds.

  • Subscribe to a Private Data Feed

Buyers subscribe to private data feeds and plans in Audience Marketplace > Marketplace.

  • Unsubscribe from a Data Feed

Data buyers unsubscribe from data feeds and plans in Audience Marketplace > Marketplace.

  • How to Report CPM Usage

Audience Marketplace data buyers agree to report all ad impressions served using traits contained in the data feed priced on a cost per thousand ad impressions (CPM) basis. CPM usage is due on the 5th day of each calendar month and includes data for previous month. Flat fee subscribers do not need to report usage.

  • Understanding the Plan Details Page in Audience Marketplace

When the name of a data plan is clicked in the Marketplace, Audience Manager provides information that can helps to make informed choices about subscribing to a data feed.

  • Understanding Data Feed Use Cases

As an Audience Marketplace data buyer, data can be purchased for overlap, modeling, and activation use cases. Each use case is designed for a specific purpose and limits what can be done with the data. These use case descriptions can help to make the right decision about which type of data plan to buy.

  • Data Feed Deactivation: Why It Happens and How to Respond

In Audience Marketplace, Data Providers can revoke access to the subscribed data feeds.

  • Billing and Impression Allocation for CPM Data Feeds

In Audience Marketplace, impression amounts must be manually submitted each month. Also, if segments are built from data feed traits, impressions must be allocated proportionally according to the qualification rules that are applied to those traits in Segment Builder.

  • Billing and Impression Allocation for Flat Fee Data Feeds

A flat fee data feed bills a fixed amount each month, regardless of when the subscription starts or how many impressions you use. Fees are not prorated for partial month usage or intervals. As with CPM billing, Adobe will generate an invoice and bill at the monthly, flat fee rate for the subscribed data feeds.

  • Discounts for Data Buyers

In Audience Marketplace, providers can offer buyers a discount on the published price of a CPM or flat rate data feed. However, discount amounts aren't visible to buyers in the Marketplace feed list. But, discount can be asked for when one subscribes to a private data feed or when requesting more information about a particular feed.

  • Storage for Subscribed Data Feeds

The data (traits) for the Data Feeds appears in their own trait storage folders. Go to Manage Data > Traits and expand the 3rd-Party Data folder to view and work with the traits in the subscribed feeds. Look for the sub-folder named after the Data Provider. Those contain folders named after the individual Data Feed and list traits provided by the feed.

In the nutshell, Audience Marketplace is a very useful platform for both the data providers and data buyers as this helps them in enhancing their approach to their businesses by using the data efficiently.

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