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I have a client currently looking to export from Campaign Classic user data to be leveraged in Audience Manager. The gap we have currently is understanding if similar to how Audience Manager retains data if it does not have an Adobe UUID for the user in hopes the user will log in one day and an ID Sync will tie the two together, does the data imported into Audience Manager act the same or for users it does not find in the Audience Manager import from Campaign it drops those rows?

Please correct me if my understanding is correct, there was limited documentation available on how the data from Campaign Classic makes its way into Audience Manager and if its in the form of a trait or a segment and for those that have not logged in yet will Audience Manager retain those records until such ID sync happens.







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There are 2 types of integration between AAM and Campaign: Declared ID (customer id) and MID.

Declared ID is the hashed email IDs that we receive from Campaign and that campaign understands. In order for them to be understood by AAM, there should be ID sync implemented. For this integration, the data gets onboarded to a cross device data source in AAM, so if there are IDs those have not yet been ID synced, they will still retain in AAM. But they should be later on synced to be targetable.

The other type of integration is MID, that campaign and AAM both understand, provided there should be experience cloud ID service implemented.

For more information, please check this doc:

Audience Manager to Campaign Implementation Guide


Varun Kalra




Thank you Varun for sharing more insight, we are trying to see if it makes more sense to go from offline data to campaign to pass to AAM to be used by Target, or if it should go from AAM so Target can use it as soon as possible and in parallel pass it to Campaign to use as well.

Let me know what you think of either of these routes, thanks!