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Profile Merge Rule - Last Authenticated + Profile Link


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Currently, we are using profile merge rule(Last Authenticated + Profile Link) setup to do Adobe Targeting in our Authentication based website(both Authenticated & non-authenticated page)


Auth Website:



Profile Merge Rule for above website: Last Authenticated + Profile Link


Non-Auth Website:



Question: Can we use the same profile merge rule to target in Non-Auth website too? Assume, we need to target the new user directly coming to non-auth website(www.example2.com). I believe, we can target the content in non-Auth website using same profile merge rule if the same user previously visited/loggedin in Auth-based website(www.example2.com). 




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@MA1985_CG See if this helps.



Last Authenticated Profile:

Tells Audience Manager to read data from the authenticated profile of the user who last logged in on the device.
When selected, Audience Manager will not write new trait data to the authenticated profile if the user is anonymous. Upon authentication, new trait data gets written to the user's authenticated profile.



So effectively this is using the data profile of the last authentication and an anonymous user can be targeted based on that profile, even though navigating in non-authenticated mode.


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@Tof_Jossic Thanks for the response. Does it mean, even if the user never going to Authenticated profile/website still we can target in anonymous website? Apologize, if i'm repeating the same question. As per my understanding, in order to target the content in the anonymous page/website atleast once user should have logged in once in the website.


In other words, first time we can't target the user in the anonymous page and once user logged in and from next time we can target the content in the anonymous page. Please let me know if my understanding is not correct.