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Can anyone help me get passed the following error when trying to Request data: "There was an error establishing a connection with the server. Please check your connection and domain input"? The domain and credentials are correct. I'm an AAM admin. I have the 2 files saved in the same folder at all times (the BAAAM tool and the txt file with secret code etc). I have tried the following to get past this: 1. different laptops and desktops, both personal and work; 2. Different connections (work, home, public) 3. enabled 32-bit on Windows 10 on whatever laptop/desktop I'm using. There is nobody our company has with the skills to use the AM API so this is our only option given that we have hundreds of trait folders to create. 

Can anyone help?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




mariem83119364 I believe it might have to do with your user being linked to the Experience Cloud.

If you raise this with Support, they will be able to create an API specific user in AAM that is NOT linked to the (Marketing)Experience  Cloud. An API specific user should be created for each application that will be calling the AAM APIs

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