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Zero revenue report


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Hello everyone,

I was trying to create a zero revenue report for one of my clients on the workspace dashboard.

I was trying to capture the revenue values that are zero for a particular dealer for a specific region during a time frame say like last one month.

If the revenue is "0" , the orders should also show "0" right, but i get values for both the orders and units though the revenue is "0" which is not correct.

Can somebody educate me on this.




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Community Advisor

It sounds like maybe there are instances where orders may not be passing revenue, thereby leaving you with some mis-matched data?


Either that or the segment isn't quite set up correctly...


Without the segment, can you look at your orders and revenue and sort revenue "low to high" do you see orders with 0 revenue there?


Level 2

Hi Jennifer, 

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the issue is the segment is not setup rightly.

without the segment im getting the data rightly.

Now the challenge im facing is, how to create a segments which will give me the zero revenue details for a product on a daily basis for a particular region.

Can you help me create a segment with all this 4 conditions.