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will Low-Traffic be shown in total number in Workspace?


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Hi there,


Got a question about will the number in "low traffic" be show in total number of visit in workspace, in another word, whether segment will get data from detail data base?


When I apply a segment at hit level, to limit URL contains /troubleshooting, I got following data:



When I apply another segment to limit another dimension in same server call with URL has to contain /troubleshooting, and breakdown by URL, get following data:



Then I download the above data by using DataWarehose to open up the (Low Traffic), find all URLs contain "/troubleshooting" under the "instances".

Which means, there are 82589 instances the URL contains /troubleshooting while another dimension instances existing, but because there are too many "prefix" of the URL before /troubleshooting, due to low volumn visits, they are categorized to (Low Traffic).


So, does it means, in Workspace, even the visit number is counted in backend detail raw data for each URL, but as long as they are categorized to (low traffic), they will not be shown in total number when I create segment to set URL contain "troubleshooting"?


I thought the segment is always getting data from the most detail raw data base...otherwise, there is no difference than using the "filter icon" beside the dimension in the table.


Then, in workspace, how I can get the real total visit which URL contains /troubleshooting?

If the segment considers the visible data in UI only, but not from detail data warehouse, it means the intellgent alerts meaningless....e.g. we are setting something to count approx. distinct count of URLs contains certain value.


Please help to clarify.

Thanks in advance.



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