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Why suddenly no visitor stitching?


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Hi there, 


I'm hoping someone can help me come up with some reasons as to why suddenly, on two of our CTV devices, there is no visitor stitching happening at all in Adobe. From 14th Jan (at 11am), multiple visitor IDs are being logged under the same IP address. 


Nothing has changed on these devices from a dev/implementation standpoint, but something has clearly changed somewhere. 


Any helps or thoughts on possible reasons would be greatly appreciated! It's a real head stratcher. 


Thank you!








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Hi @sonial 


I think the Cross-device Visitor Identification documentation will answer all of your questions:



I hope this resolves your issue.




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Hi @Pankaj_Sabharwal , 


Thanks for your reply


I'm not entirely sure how that article is related to the specific problem I've mentioned. I know what is happening, we know how to fix (by upgrading tracking to include device ID), but I have no idea why it has happened. It was a sudden change and no-one seems to know why


Thanks for your help