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Websk plugin


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Hi everyone ,

                      I am having confusions with WebSDK plugins . I have a doubt that will the webSDK plugin only work if we have Analytics plugin initialised. 

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Web SDK Plugins extension enhances the Web SDK’s capabilities, but it’s not a prerequisite for basic Web SDK functionality.

By Analytics Plugin, are you referring to Adobe Analytics Extension? if so, I don't believe you need to use Analytics Extension with Web SDKextension. You can configure Web SDK to send data to Adobe Analytics. 


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Fully agree with @Winston_2022 ,

the "modern" approach to integrate Adobe Analytics would be through a datastream that is set up in the Edge Network and that has Adobe Analytics enabled on it.
Hence, this would replace the Adobe Analytics extension

The WebSDK extension is the recommended (probbably even the only way without reinventing the wheel and probably introducing a bunch of issues) way of using this new setup.

Steps are explained here.

Warning, there will be a steep learning curve ahead of you, but ultimately, this is the future and will come with a lot of benefits, such as one library for all Adobe products.

Hope that helps


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If you are referring to the Common Web SDK Plugins Extension, those are universal and don't require Analytics. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/experience-platform/tags/extensions/client/web-sdk/web-sd...


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@FrederikWerner true, in that light the question makes even more sense  

@SA30 can you maybe rephrase your question?