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Visitors Path Tracking


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Hello All,

Let me try to explain the situation to the members.

We are running an external campaign and we want to evaluate the process. As a member of Analytics Team, I am taking care of this initiative. First thing that I have suggested is usage of Campaign ID. Now there is requirement, management wanted to see path of the visitors came to the site through that external campaign. The visitors will land on a particular page and from there they can go & buy a product. So, management is willing to know that buying path of the visitors came through the campaign.

I don’t know whether this fishable or not. If yes; can anyone suggest a procedure or a resource from where I can get the idea.



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There should be plenty of ways to achieve this.


First, using a campaign id is a great start. You should note that the standard "Campaign Tracking Code" dimension has a 1 week attribution (I personally have this and a custom "Visit" level dimension for my campaigns... yes, I can use Attribution IQ to look just at the visit, but a separate dimension is easier for the business team to pull their own data who aren't as comfortable with Attributions... but also, we use UTMs and the combinations often exceed our unique limits, so I split each UTM into it's own custom dimension, also easier for reading at high level)


So once you have that in place, you should be able to create a segment for Visits with that Campaign.


Now, you can use Adobe's Flow diagram to show how users are moving through your site, or you can try to create simple fallout reports (touching on key steps in your site flow to simplify how far people are getting / falling off in your flows)


You could look at Orders with that campaign and look at a breakdown of contributing pages, or other interactions... 


I hope this is a good start for you anyway...