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Hello all,


I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I am creating a Report Builder Excel file which retrieves huge amount of data and displaying a view/portion of it, depending on the parameters set by the recipients in a number of cells.


Currently, I am looking for a 3rd party site/tool that allows upload and online viewing of the Report Builder file. The reasons why I need to do this (and why RB is the best solution for me compared to AdHoc/SiteCatalyst) are:

- I will make the Excel parameters easily understandable in a way that the recipient only need to change parameters from Dropdown boxes in 5 cells (instead of learning the whole AdHoc Analysis/SiteCatalyst).

- I cannot email the RB Excel file since if the recipients have to refresh the Report Builder file himself, it might crash their machines.


If this is a static Excel file I know everyone will use Google Sheets, but we all know that is out of the question since they do not and will never have Report Builder plugin (correct me if I'm wrong).


I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if such 3rd party site/solution exists.


Thanks very much indeed.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nico,

Glad you asked this question. I have used sharepoint online for such use cases. It has components like excel web parts which you can use to view a tab, a particular object in your file e.g. a chart or the entire sheet. If you don't have that you can try tableau online but that will create it's own dashboard but it works. See this:



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Answers (2)




Not sure if this work for you, but how about Dropbox, or similar cloud storage with linked folders? 

You can upload the file here and refresh it on regular basis. On refreshing, the others' file will get refreshed as well.


EDIT: Read you reply about users being able to refresh. I am not sure they will be able to refresh if they don't have permissions.



Hi Shekhar,


For tableu online, I read that you'll have to export the data warehouse everytime so this is not a feasible choice for us as the users need to refresh the file as and when the user desires.

For your sharepoint online advise, are you saying that sharepoint online has Adobe Report Builder plugin? What I mean is that the user can also press Report Builder "Refresh" button on this file (that is going to be on sharepoint online) to update the data as and when?


Thanks so much for your reply!