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Time Spent per Visit: overall figure on top row in table is not correct


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I just selected 6 pages from the page dimension for which I visualized the Time Spent per Visit (for a period in the past) = screenshot below.


The aggregated figure on the top row (463) is the sum of the time spent per visit figures of all 6 pages.
To my understanding, this aggregated figure does not represent anymore 'Time Spent per Visit' over these 6 pages.
Reason: Visitors who visited Page002 also visited Page001 (because this is a sequential process). The Time Spent per Visit should thus be recalculated on the top level for the combination of selected dimension values.

Here below a fictive example which shows you what Adobe Analytics would present as top figure for Time Spent per Visit and what it would be when calculating it yourself using the formula Sum Total Seconds Spent/(#visits-#bounces): 462.5 versus 320


Looking forward to feedback:

  • Is anyone familiar with this?
  • Is my logic right?
  • Is this considered as a bug? For me it would be a clear bug because the value is misleading and causes misinterpretation by our end users.
  • ...

Thanks in advance!

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