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Template creation: interactive menu and visualization selector


Level 3


I’m trying to create template project in Analytics Workspace.

I want to reproduce same logic/behavior that the one about Quick insight :


  • How can I create this kind of instruction bar with dropdown list and instruction (Analyze…. By…. Filter by…. On….)


  • I also see that there is a possibility to add a dropdown in visualization like this:


There is an option to thick. I can see it in this template by clicking on the gear icon






BUT I don’t see this option in the visualization I create myself


Any idea how can I activate this?





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Level 4

Hi Robin,


  1. The template you are trying to create is created by Adobe. You’ll have to check the possibility for the same. Here’s Adobe guide that might help you https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/analysis-workspace/build-workspace-project...


  1. To create a dropdown for visualization, you can simply drag and drop any visualization and by clicking on settings - choose from any visualization type and you get to choose from a list of visualizations




Hope this solves your query




Level 3

Thanks for the answer.
Changing the visualization type can be done with the setting as you explain but I want to make it interactive for end users that will receive the report without playing with the settings.
That's the reason why I 'm looking for this option 'Show visualization selector' in the workspace directly.

As copy/paste of this visualization from the template to another project works and this option is kept, I'm wondering how to get it directly in a visualization I create myself...