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Syntax/Setup for stats functions


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Hello.  One of the use cases my team has for Adobe Analytics is to evaluate the outcome of A/B/n tests we are running in Target.

I am very excited to learn that Analytics offers stats functions under Functions >> Advanced Functions.  For my purposes I would be mostly using T-Test/T-Score & Z-Test/Z-Score.

However, I am finding these functions challenging to use, and I do not find much documentation or examples around how to use them.

I have successfully been able to calculate a z-score for Conversion Rate based on a running number of days, however I am not totally clear how the calculation is being performed.  However when I attempt to use this metric to compare Conversion Rates between two segments (Control population and Challenger population) Analytics returns 'Invalid'.

Does anyone know how to successfully leverage the stats functions to compare to two populations?



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