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Sort by one metric then another in table


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Hi there, 


Is there a way to first filter a table by the top X of one dimension, and then sort by another metric? 


eg: I want to sort by conversion rate, but only looking at the top 100 ordered products, for example. 


Thank you!


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The closest you can get is to sort by one metric on the first level of dimensions, then sort on the breakdown dimensions by another metric.


For example,


I have have a report which is broken down by Month, then by Day.


My Months are sorted by Page Views, then I sorted the Days inside the Months by Unique Visitors:




But sadly, there is no "sort first by Metric A, then in the case of Metric A being the same, sort next by Metric B"....


If you want to do that, you may need to use Report Builder to pull the data into Excel that will allow for multiple column sorting.