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Should i create segment or calculated metrics for this ?


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I am trying to get report for the below mentioned criteria. Please tell me should i create segment or calculated metric and on what logic ?


Registrants 1 [reg 0-10 days ago] 

Registrants 2 [reg 11+ days ago - 12mos]   

Registrants 3 [13+ mos ago since you registered]


Buyer 1 [1 purchase & you've purchased within 12 mos

Buyer 2 [2 or more purchases lifetime purchased & you’ve purchased made at least 1 within 12 months]               

Buyers 3 [13 - 24 mos ago since your last purchase]             

Buyers 4 [25+ mos ago since your last purchase]

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Interesting question. I'd start with segments. I don't think calculated metrics can help here.


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It sounds like you're trying to build audience profiles based on when they had registered/bought. If so, then segments makes the most sense to use, so that you can find all behavioural data for each profile.


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Can you help how the segment logic should be for this use case?