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Scheduled projects getting.img files


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Hi All,

From last night i am getting scheduled workspace csv file and some img attached files, its creating some issue on Google script code, any possibility to block .img files on scheduled ws mail..

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Answered by @Jennifer_Dungan here:



CSV should just be a text file (CSV stands for "comma separated values", and is just a special format for a text file).


I sent myself a report in CSV and I don't have any images.


That said, did the person or people responsible for building and maintaining the workspace report happen to add an image file into one of the Workspace description fields (this can be done to help illustrate how to use or understand a report, or just to make it pretty and add company logos, etc).


I don't know if those images, since they are embedded into the rich text fields, might come through into the CSV in unexpected ways. This is my suspicion at this time.


Offhand, I am not aware of any settings that would allow you to turn that off for CSV...  this might be worthy of an Idea for Adobe to consider. 


In the meantime, if this is where your images are coming from, you could check with the owner of the report to see if they could remove the images from the reports you are getting with CSV, or if they would be willing to make two versions... one for "live" consumption with the images, and one without the images for your processing.


I wonder if you could also somehow use Google Script to sanitize and remove images before processing the data?



Answered by @BrianTophamAdobe here:

Once upon a time, there was a 'text only' setting Customer Care could set at a domain level. I am not sure if the setting still works/affects Workspace reports, but you can open a ticket with Customer Care, and have them add your company's email domain to see if that works. (Yes, this will be a domain-level setting). 


I'll give you the name of the setting to help you navigate with Customer Care: "Text Email Whitelist" (please forgive any political incorrectness, this is a very old setting...)