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Product string using Data Source



Can we reformat product string using Data Source? OR can we add additional attributes to product variable using Data Source?

There is a unique use case - We want to upload return units data. Return of the unit can’t happen against an order, but against a particular product which is the part of the order.

To solve this we have used Transactional Data Source. Where we uploaded return units data against Transaction ID. However, it shows unit return for the complete order.

For Example – Order no “ABC” has 2 products “Shoe” and “Mobile”. When we uploaded return units as “1”. It shows returns against both Products “Shoe” and “Mobile”. However only one product i.e. “Shoe” was returned.

Data source is uploading data, but the event is not getting populated in product string. That's the issue.

I understand that we will need to modify product string itself to upload Return Units data.

The question is = Can we reformat product string using Data Source?

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