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Problems Querying Data Feed From Adobe


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My company is moving from ga to adobe analytics and am trying to replicate some structure and reports .

After reading the documentation ,am trying to create a visit_id and visitor_id since it needs for some analysis later on.

i used this to logic for the visit_id : 





post_visid_high||post_visid_low||visit_num||visit_start_time_gmt as visit_id


AND exclude_hit = 0

AND hit_source NOT IN (5,7,8,9)



and am having empty fields due the missing 'visit_start_time_gmt' 




Any ideas ? 





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Is it possible you have any "Standard image request without timestamp" that is Hit_Source 1 (which is part of your data based on the above)?


What is the impact of the null fields? Are you looking more at something like "less that 5%" missing, or greater than 80/90%?


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Hey Jennifer 

Not really , i'am working on a small sample of data . but i saw it also when working with some other samples .

but can't i just use 

post_visid_high||post_visid_low||visit_num as visit_id

wouldn't that also give me an unique identifier for a visit ? 

visit_start_time_gmt it's the timestamp for the first hit and won't exist in the other hit rows for the same visit ?