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Post_Event_List vs. Post_Page_Event


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Are there any differences between post_event_list and post_page_event (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/export/analytics-data-feed/data-feed-contents/data...)?


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They are very different things, although they both use the word "event".


The event string in event_list and post_event_list contains a comma-delimited list of events (counters), which may have a value and/or a unique ID. For example, if you used custom event1 for registration and someone triggered that action by registering, it would appear in this list. Look for event_list in this documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/export/analytics-data-feed/data-feed-contents/data...


post_page _event shows the type of a hit based on the page_event value. This is the table in the link you provided. These are types of Adobe calls, e.g. a custom link type call or a page type call. In the event1 example, event1 could be set in either a page type call or a custom link type call, depending on your implementation needs.


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Thanks @RobertBlakeley. Yes, this is correct information. 


It should be noted that the event_list will have an events.tsv mapping lookup to help you map "event names" as you see in Adobe and in your tracking implementation to the backend numeric representation of those events.