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Populate Session ID in Adobe Launch


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We are trying to view data for certain users by each visit. For ex: If there are 2 users that logged in yesterday and had a total of 3 visits, we want to segment the data by each visit.  If we are capturing userid and pages, I want to see a breakdown like this....

SessionID        UserID      Page
abc123             user1        page1

abc123             user1        page2

abc123             user1        page3

def123              user2        page1

def123              user2        page2

ghi123              user1        page1


So if we can capture a unique SessionID for each visit, we can get a data warehouse report like above but I haven't found anything online. 

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We can capture a Unique user's visit with Datafeeds.

Could you please consider concatenate post_visid_high, post_visid_low, visit_num, and visit_start_time_gmt?

Adobe Analytics capture a Unique user by post_visid_high and post_visid_low, so if you use above condition, you can confirm with specify unique user's visit.


Please check below URL for how to recognize an unique user and visits.


- Use data feeds to calculate common metrics





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Thanks for that info but I am looking to accomplish this in Workspace or Datawarehouse as Data Feeds aren't that flexible.  Any recommendation on capturing sessionID in Adobe Launch would be appreciated.



Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately, these metrics using only Data Feeds. Please kindly consider using Data Feeds. Thanks!


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From implementation: Adobe only uses cookies to store and create Unique Visitor IDs. Sessions or Visits are calculated in processing by time of hit, because of this no session or visit id is available, atleast not on user's browser to capture in a variable.


In reporting: you have "Visit Number" available as a metric, you can create a table with Visitor IDs broken by Visit Number to get the same result.


To capture the Visitor ID you can use visitor.getMarketingCloudVisitorID() or use the Unique Visitor Variable