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Hi all -

I am trying to do more of a custom pathing report and hoping someone on here may be of help.

What I am trying to accomplish: create a report that is automated to analyze site paths that did interact with at least one of the pages in the check out process but did not complete an order. In addition, I want to to be able to add metrics to each of the pages int he paths (avg. time on page) and then also break it out by various dimensions (i.e. device).

I know this should be a relatively easy segment to create, however, I am hitting a wall when it comes to the best report to use to achieve this. I pulled the Fullpath report and exported that and, yeah I could technically manually achieve what I am looking for but I know there has got to be another way.

Any insight is greatly appreciated

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi creges​,

You may want to consider leveraging a combination of a segment and Fallout, then do a breakdown to view . Create your segment (viewed Page X in the visit) and create a Fallout based on your checkout process. You can then right-click any of the touchpoints and choose to Breakdown the touchpoint by Fallthrough or Fallout:


From there, a table will be created breaking the Segmented Visits by Page. Consider adjusting the dimension of Page to any other dimension in your report suite.

Hope that helps!

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