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Page Module tracking via s.list: wrong s.event allocation


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We are trying to calculate the click-through rate of some page Modules. So, the CTR should be = # Module Clicks / # Module impressions.

To capture the Module impressions, we pass the list of page Modules into s.list and fire the Module impression event (event39):


s.list3="Mod1,Mod2,Mod3" - the list of Module IDs of all Modules displayed on a particular page

Then, when a user clicks on any particular Module, we pass the Module's name and Module click event (event24):


Unfortunately, the Module Clicks captured by event24 are getting allocated to every list value fired on the first call - "Mod1,Mod2,Mod3" rather than to a single value fired in the second call - s.list3="Mod2". As a result, the # of clicks per each module is getting substantially inflated. 

We tried to change the expiration term of the list variable, but it didn't make sense:

  • If we expire s.list3 on event39 (Module Impression event), none of subsequent Module click events (event24) would be allocated to the proper Module names
  • If we expire s.list3 on event24 (Module Click event), the number of Module impression will be inflated in case nobody clicked on the Module and the user proceeded to another page with a new set of s.list values
  • IF we expire s.list3 on the Page View, it wouldn’t help either since if would allocate the clicks events to all impression-based s.list values

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could point the flaws of our implementation. 

PS. - this approach was described by Adam Greco in his “The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook. An Insider’s Guide’ , pages 283-285.


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