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Page metrics excluding entry page of each visit


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I would like to find out on which pages my visitors move after the entry page. I would like to get a table with URLs and their corresponding metrics excluding the entry pages of each visit. How can I do this?

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Community Advisor and Adobe Champion

There's a dimension called "hit depth" that counts how deep into the visit a particular hit is. If you make a hit level segment excluding hit depth = 1, that should return all the hits after the first one. One caveat to that is that it counts page views as well as custom link hits. So in the case that the first hit on your site is a custom link and not a page view, it will return the first page. 


Level 2

You can use a fallout by adding an entry page to the touchpoint then use 'breakdown fall through at this point' (this will show the next touch-point a visitor hits.