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New vs return analysis and how to approach this


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This is more of analysis question than tool related - 

How to find out key behaviour of users in terms of new vs return on content consumption and link interaction

any ideas are welcome and thanks


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This can be a bit of a layered question... first, depending on your definition of "new" and "repeat"... are you talking all time? Within X time frame? How critical is your user data (i.e. with multiple devices, or with cookie rules, the same user might be identified as a new user).


You can take a look at a session I did on how to create non-overlapping new / repeat visitors segments:



Then you can pair these segments with your specific metrics: PVs or UVs, etc... and even on your specific link clicks.


This is generic without knowing what exactly you have been collecting in your suite.


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You need to create a segments for new and return visits.

Visit Number equal to 1 is New and Visit Number greater than 1 is Return.

Create a segment on visits level.




In the report you can check how many interactions coming from new vs return.

How they are performing.

Create a report

New visits and Return visits are dimensions

Link interactions (events), downloads, video play etc are metrics as per your requirements





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@prads the definitions you provided are for an "all-time" new / repeat user (it won't be new/repeat within a specific time frame, and those repeat users may have visited the site years ago and not come back since - so long as they are identified as the same user, the visit number will pick up where it left off) and technically, if you are using that, you don't need to create segments, those already exist as standard Adobe defined segments:


  • First Time Visits
  • Return Visits


These also will not prevent overlaps in your segments... a user who comes to the site for the first time, then returns again within the same time frame will appear in both segments... Just something to keep in mind.... 



But yes, pairing the segments with your metrics in this way, or stacking the segments with the metrics, and doing a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly breakdown to see the behaviour over time would also work...


There are many ways to visualize the data, and many ways to define your segments... whether or not you care about recency, or just the basic "new" based on all time data.


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Yes, as per the requirement they can create segments and they can use existing defined segments as well.