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Migration from WSSE to JWT (Service Account) authentication at a standstill


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A migration from WSSE to JWT (Service Account) authentication for existing process has comet to a standstill.  Let me give a abstracted picture:

• An Adobe Integration has been created for JWT (Service Account) authentication where Configured Services =  {Adobe Analytics} and Product Profiles = {All report access + some report suite tools}.  Note that this profile has for the most part all rights.

• The process has been modified such that it successfully generates a JWT token and successfully requests an access token from Adobe’s Identity Management System where JWT METASCOPES = "https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/s/ent_analytics_bulk_ingest_sdk".

• Subsequent calls to Analytics 1.4 API Reporting methods, fail ultimately with a HttpStatusCode.Forbidden error and not a HttpStatusCode.Unauthorized.  This would seem to indicate that while the access token is valid, access is not being granted and potentially has something to do with how the Integration is configured.

Does anything come to mind regarding how either Integration or JWT configuration that may lead to the Reporting 1.4 API calls generating the HTTP Forbidden error message?

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