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Livestream Analytics 1.4 API - maxConnections parameters explaination and usage


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Hello, I have a doubt regarding the maxConnections parameters used for API request for LiveStream endpoints: according to github FAQs:


Q: Can I create multiple connections to the same stream?

A: Yes. Use the maxConnections GET string parameter. If multiple connections are created, data is multiplexed across each connection. Data is grouped by visitor IDs, but will be out of order. The timestamp field can be used to sort the hits. There is a maximum of 8 connections allowed.


Does it mean that, when starting the stream with maxConnection > 1 but only actually having one connection, data are lost OR that, in case others connections are established, data will be multiplexed only when there are multiple connections?

i.e. I'm currently requesting data setting the parameter to max value 8, but I have only one connection established; is the application getting the data getting only a subpart of them or all of them?





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