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Is there an Issue changing from ECID & "~" to CID & "-"?


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I am just a currently user from the Adobe Analytics platform an I am not a developer and I do not know if this is a developer task although, if you guys can help me with this.


Is there an Issue changing from ECID & "~" to CID & "-" for a Marketing Channel?, how and where do this change needs to be done? Is it on a campaign builder?, thank you!

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Campaigns tend to be very unique to each customer, it's rarely a one size fits all....

Can you maybe share more information about where / how you are tracking your ECID and CID and where ~ and - are in your scenario?


If you are talking about changing the actual way your campaigns are formed, this could cause ripples in how the data is processed... In your Marketing Channel processing rules and in any Segments that use Marketing Channel or Tracking Code...  There is no way to know what your rules are...  but the best advice I can offer up-front is to check all your processing to see what these changes might make to your system...


I also suggest testing this out in a Dev or QA environment and seeing if any issues arise.