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Is there a way to view A4T data at a visit level?


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Target Activity and Experience data comes into Analytics via the A4T connection. These variables appear to be visitor level data that persists with the visitor, long past visitor engagement with the Experience. Sometimes this is good, but this is too long for a current analysis.


I am currently interested in a more narrow view of the data - viewing A4T data at the visit level. Is there a way to get A4T data to only persist for the visit duration? Or some way to segment the data to look only at the data from the specific visit(s) where an Activity/Experience was encountered?

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Have you already been using Attribution IQ? That might be the closest you'll get at the moment. 

This doc: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/release-notes/known-issues-resolved-issues.html... has a section that reads:


When using Target activity impressions and conversions in Analysis Workspace, apply the “Same Touch” Attribution IQ model to the metrics to ensure accurate counting. To apply a non-default attribution model, right-click on the metric to modify Column Settings > enable Use non-default attribution model > select Same Touch model. Without this model applied, the metrics are overstated.


At some point in the future, I would hope users will be able to add the 'Activity Impressions' metics as a segment, to then segment on pages, and visits that had a Target Activity Impression.


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Oh that's a great idea. I have not tried that for target activities and metrics. Thank you!