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Hi Adobe Experts,

I have integrated ACPCore and ACPAnalytics in my project (libACPCore_iOS.a, libACPIdentity_iOS.a, libACPAnalytics_iOS.a, etc). I find there's an exception in the console:

-[Reachability reachabilityStatus]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6000016aef40

Our project also calls Reachability api. And we are using version #3.2. I don't see a class method named 'reachabilityStatus' in its code.

Now when my code wants to call ACPCore.trackPage() or ACPCore.trackAction(). It throws exceptions (the app can still run). But I am afraid the request was not sent successfully. In the log, it shows:

Analytics Request Queued (ndh=1&cid.&AVID.&as=0&id=2E5BEECE85030EC5-60001185C00005BF&.AVID&.cid&c.&a.&AppID=...

Does that mean the request was not sent? Should I do something to fix that exception?

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi nickj80819353​,

It seems like you have a class with name Reachability as well? If so, that will conflict with Reachability class in ACPCore thus resulting into this exception while Analytics hits attempt to get processed from the queue. Is it possible for you to rename your Reachability class and retry?

In the meantime, we have created an internal ticket to address this and rename the class in future releases.