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Incorrect values for iOS DeviceName - first names, missing model numbers, etc


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Looking at the Device Name (SDK)  variable in a Mobile App suite, I see a pretty high occurrence of just "iPhone" and then a bunch of instances of "<Person's First Name>'s iPhone," in addition to the expected Device-Model, as in "iPhone 11,2". This is only happening in one of our mobile app report suites, so it isn't an iphone-to-adobe issue. While the deviceName (SDK) is wrong, we also have a value DeviceName coming through, which contains the correct value ("iPhone12,1" etc) even if deviceName SDK is wrong. 


Is there a way to tell the SDK to always grab DeviceName ("iPhone 12,1") instead of deviceName  of "Derek's iPhone"? I was hopeful we could tell Processing Rules to just grab DeviceName  but it doesn't appear that's possible. 

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Hi @user07575 


Adobe partners with device atlas for User agent to translate to device details. The update of these table / mapping is totally subject to volumes coming for particular user agent string.Since new devices are published all the time, stuff needs temporary buckets until they are properly classified. Typically Adobe updates their device lookups during each maintenance release.


Here’s a more detailed outlook on how the device name is being captured https://deviceatlas.com/blog/how-deviceatlas-detects-iphone-models


Let me know if you need any further help




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Thanks for your reply! That makes sense, but I'm wondering why for the same device, "deviceName (SDK)" is picking up incorrect values like "iPhone" or "Mike's iPhone", but DeviceName is somehow picking up the correct model/name like "iPhone 12,1". Is there a way to make deviceName SDK pick up the correct value? We're thinking we may need to create custom conextData for the device name to get around this. Thank you!